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OVVIO X2, an innovative pre-filled pod vape pen, is powered by the latest vaporization technology developed by μKERA™. The OVVIO X2 holds a generous 1.5ml of e-liquid and supports a maximum of 350 puffs, producing a purer and smoother taste of the e-liquid from the first till the very last drop. It is available in six flavor options to satisfy your taste buds. Vape with OVVIO X2, and enjoy the difference that μKERA™ technology makes in your premium vaping experience.

Size: 19mm x 11.5mm x 106.6mm
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Pod capacity: 1.5ml
Coil resistance: 1.1ohm
Weight: 28.2g (with pod fitted)
Max charging current: 500mA
ovvio x2
ovvio x2
Myjet is a plug and play device that positions itself as an ultra portable pod vape. Loaded with μKERA™ technology, Myjet brings you smooth throat hit and pure flavor of the e-liquid. The pod holds a generous 1.8ml of e-liquid in various flavor options to satisfy your need. The rechargeable 350mAh internal battery drives the voltage based output, with a LED indicating battery state. With a simple, elegant and portable design, Myjet is perfect for starter vapers or vapers on the go.

Size: 19mm x 10mm x 106mm
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Pod capacity: 1.8ml
Coil resistance: 1.2ohm


TEROS is a refillable pod vape that applies μKERA™ technology, perfectly recreating the sensation transitioning smokers are accustomed to. It features a simple draw-activated mechanism, allowing you to enjoy vaping without any complicated buttons. Its 350mAh built-in battery can be fully charged in a short 30 minutes while lasting you an entire day of vaping.

Size: 18mm x 12mm x 90mm
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Pod capacity: 1.2ml
Coil resistance: 0.9ohm
Weight: 19.3g (with pod fitted)
ovvio x2
ovvio x2
Beta is an excellent combination of the latest μKERA™ technology, ease of use and rich flavor with a pre-filled plug and play pod system. Just drop in a pod, take a draw and enjoy the strong yet smooth hit the Beta delivers. The rechargeable 370mAh internal battery will last throughout multiple vaping sessions. Beta is a nice backup or an alternative to a larger mod that can use not only nicotine e-liquids but CDB or THC.

Size: 19mm x 10mm x 89mm
Battery capacity: 370mAh
Pod capacity: 1ml
Coil resistance: 1.2ohm
Weight: 18g (with pod fitted)